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Pre-cast Concrete Utility Buildings by ACI

Why Pre-cast Concrete Utility Buildings

American Concrete Ind. Utility Buildings are the perfect product for a variety of applications. They are utilized for generator buildings, fiber optic huts, for cellular sites, pump stations, metering enclosures, control buildings, gate houses, concessions stands, restrooms, sports dugouts or general storage buildings. 

 American’s precast concrete buildings have a wide range of features:

  • High quality - Manufactured with 5,000 psi reinforced concrete to withstand snow, wind, and equipment loads.

  • Top quality - Finish materials and equipment.

  • Various sizes - Range of sizes from our small 8’ by 10’ single unit building, on up to a 20’ wide by 40’, 50’ or upwards of 60’ long sectional building.

  • Wide range of exterior finishes - Many form liner finishes available such as brick, stone, or ribbed with Thoro-Coat painted surface in various colors. Other finishes include real brick face, exposed aggregate finish (shown at right), or just a smooth concrete surface. Wood clapboards or shingles, or vinyl siding with insulation can also be used.

  • Roof system - Small buildings to have a roof overhang and a clear sealer. Larger buildings to have a built-up roof membrane system.

  • Interior finish - Smooth painted walls and ceiling, or insulated and with protective plywood or vinyl cover.

Because of the concrete construction, American’s utility buildings provide many benefits:

  • Durable - Weather-tight construction with interior and exterior joints caulked water-tight. Impact resistant to falling or blowing objects. Sturdy design to withstand snow and wind loads.

  • Maintenance free - Will not rust, rot, or corrode and retains exterior finish very well. Building shell is fire resistant.

  • Vandal resistant - Heavy duty construction prevents unauthorized entry or damage, for a secure building.

  • Economical - Standard forms, in shop production, and elimination of costs associated with built in place construction saves money.

  • Time saving - Within hours, the precast concrete building will be set on your prepared site allowing you to go into operation faster.

American Concrete Ind will provide a precast concrete utility building to solve your needs:

  • with a size to meet your space requirements

  • with an exterior finish to fit the surroundings

  • with a price to fit your budget

  • with a delivery time to meet your schedule.

It can be supplied as a stand alone building, or completely outfitted for any application.

American Concrete Industries

1022 Minot Avenue
Auburn ME 04210 USA
(207) 784-1388 - Fax (207) 783-4039
For more information ask for
Bob Poirier or Matt Engelman

1717 Stillwater Ave.
Veazie, ME 04401 USA
(207) 947-8334 - Fax (207) 947-3580
For more information ask for
Shawn MacDonald or Will Eisworth

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