Vertical Seam Commercial Septic Tanks



Inside of a 20,000 gallon commercial septic tank just after water testing.  The tank level never dropped in 24 hours.  This tank was installed at LaBree's Bakery, in Old Town, Maine.   Laying the first few pieces of the 20,000 gallon tank at LaBree's Bakery.  This installation was completed in less then a day.  Each 1,500 gallon section weighs approximately 16,000 lbs.
Commercial Septic Tanks are manufactured in sizes ranging from 2,500 to 1,500,000 gallons.  Essentially a tank can be made to any lenth.  

Commercial Septic Tank Size Chart

Vertical Seam Septic Tanks work better then horizontal tanks by lengthening the tank, creating a longer path for the solids.